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A Pioneer In

International Trade
& Pharmaceutical Distribution

About Us

Pacific Medicana Corp. is a premier Canadian trading company dedicated to the supply of medical devices, pharmaceutical drugs, and active pharmaceutical ingredients. With a rich history spanning over two decades, our experienced team specializes in international trade and consistently prioritizes the importance of fostering long-lasting relationships with our partners. Our approach is based on trust, transparency, and a high standard of business ethics with buyers and sellers around the world.

Our commitment to excellence goes beyond just supplying top-quality products. We also aim to empower healthcare professionals and clients with a reliable and efficient distribution network that consistently meets their needs. By ensuring that our products are sourced responsibly and adhere to the strictest regulatory standards, we uphold our promise of delivering exceptional healthcare solutions.

We continuously strive to provide value to our clients and contribute to the betterment of global health by connecting continents, cultivating care, and transforming the pharmaceutical distribution landscape.

What We Do

International Sourcing and Supply

 Distribution Arrangements

Pharmaceutical Wholesale

Tender Support and Supply


Highest Quality Standards

We are dedicated to offering carefully selected and thoroughly evaluated products that surpass industry benchmarks. By partnering with verified manufacturers, we ensure that every item in our inventory meets internationally accepted regulations and guidelines.

Experties & Experience

Our senior management team boasts over 20 years of experience in various facets of the pharmaceutical sector, including community and hospital pharmacies and leading global pharmaceutical firms. This extensive knowledge allows us to provide unparalleled service and expertise to our clients.

Unwavering Customer Commitment

At the heart of our approach is a customer-centric philosophy, focused on maximizing client satisfaction by delivering added value. We understand that our success is closely tied to yours, and we prioritize your needs across all roles and teams, whether we work independently or collaboratively.

Our Mission

We strive for sustainable growth by forging lasting partnerships with pharmaceutical manufacturers and suppliers, expanding global access to high-quality, life-saving medications. By continuously innovating and adapting in a rapidly changing industry landscape, we ensure our clients receive effective and relevant solutions while promoting environmental stewardship and social responsibility.

Expansive Global Network

Our extensive network of suppliers enables us to provide premium quality products at competitive prices. Through innovative collaborations with worldwide manufacturers, healthcare providers, pharmacies, and other industry stakeholders, we consistently work to enhance efficiency and improve product accessibility throughout the healthcare supply chain.

Values: Honesty, Integrity, and Ethics

We are committed to upholding a strict code of honesty, integrity, and ethics in all our decision-making processes and actions, irrespective of scale. This unwavering ethical standard serves as the bedrock of our dedication to consistently doing what is right.



+1 (778) 873-1642


#250 - 997 Seymour St.

Vancouver, BC, Canada 

V6B 3M1

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