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Partnership Opportunities

Building enduring commercial partnerships is fundamental to our long-term business development and growth strategies. Our partners include manufacturers, logistics firms & distributors whom all share the same goal to increase global access to high-quality, life-saving and life-enhancing medicines whilst working in-line with the industry's best practices.


Our partners are carefully selected and must undergo our internal due diligence & compliance checks as well as on-site audits to ensure that they meet the quality and compliance standards required to operate within our heavily regulated and global industry.

A Global Network at Your Fingertips 

Pacific Medicana has the capabilities and knowledge to handle a variety of often potentially risky transactions in the international trade environment. Western businesses may be extremely interested in the prospect of doing business internationally but are unclear about the practices, opportunities, necessary documentation, and vital overseas market characteristics. Likewise, overseas buyers may have a great interest in western products, but may not know how to best search the market for products, or speak the language proficiently. Both aspects are essential for negotiating the best prices or effectively customizing products and documentation to meet local import/export laws. Pacific Medicana’s knowledge and philosophy help promote an enterprising environment for export-ready manufacturers and their import-ready counterparts.


 Contact us to learn more about partnership opportunities.

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